Headed up Hardings Icefeild Trail ib Exit Glacier #nationa #parklpark in #Seward, #Alaska. #DSLR #Art #Cliche #Nature


This is what some of the handicapped parking spot symbols look like in #Alaska. Im not sure if thet are racing or what, but move out of his or her way.


Saw #Christopher #Walken in Girdwood on our way to Seward. @chellybean_20


And this is how people lock their bikes up in #Alaska


#Phoenix #sunset #plane


Busking for Change is a short documentary about a group of street musicians that are playing music to make a difference.

Produced by Callib Carver
Director, Editor, Camera Operator: Callib Carver

You can find STL Busking for Change on Facebook, facebook.com/stlbuskingforchange.


My time line is a mess, still some gaps left, and this is only what fits on the screen. I’ve got four audio levels and six video levels.


My editing setup for the busking doc.


Miscellanea House is a small family owned and operated coffee house in Belleville, IL. The building is has stood there since the mid-1900’s and the owners have no plans to change it, in fact it fits their old school style. You can check them out at facebook.com/miscellanea62220 or stop into the shop located at 1111 West Main Street, Belleville, Illinois.

Director Notes

I created this video on a complete whim, in about 72 hours from filming to uploading it here to Vimeo. It’s another step in my own learning process, since I’ve only filmed a handful of things with my HDSLR. While also allowing me to experiment more with shots, colors, angles, and so forth. While it may this, or any of my work, might not be true experimental, it is for me and it’s what I want to see in a video.


"If" by Broke For Free (brokeforfree.com/) Licensed under Creative Commons

Special Thanks

To Michelle and Sharon for letting me disrupt the cafe during filming.


A shot from the set, where I was filming Drew Lance of STL Busking for change. Keep an eye open for more photos and videos from the documentary Im working on about the group.

Keep an eye on www.ccarverstudios.com for more shots, clips, and soon the full documentary.


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