Set up this Manfrotto tripod and did some product shots.

*This wasn’t’ an official shoot for Manfrotto.


Sacramento never seems to lack those odd bits of broken and forgotten relics, if I can use that term loosely. There are more then a few old pay phones in Sacramento, some have been taken out and just their capped utilities cables, a booth without the actual phone, or broken and unmaintained like the one above. 


Transient & Scavenger

Taking shots of people on the street can be difficult from time to time. They see or hear the camera and then they start posing or they just shy away and your shot is gone. But it pays off when you get your shot, and when I go out and people watch, as I call it, I don’t like to photoshop the photos. I do some mild exposure or contrast adjustments and that is it.


The 3rd Annual Northern California Mustache and Beard Competition

As a photographer and photojournalist I love to people watch. To capture those odd moments on someones face or actions. Occasionally I find someone interesting enough to stop them and pose them, partly because they interest me enough to approach them and then because I need to play with the shots a bit more then a few quick frames might allow. Fortunately I found myself in Old Sacramento during an event I had no idea was going on.

These shots are from The 3rd Annual Northern California Mustache and Beard Competition, which was held at the Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento. You can see more shots here.

Featured on The Photo Brigade.




925 L Street

I love black and white, obviously, and I love simplicity. Though I’m all for being complicated when it comes to my photos. However shots like this are simple, beautiful in their own way, and catch my eye.


Dark Rose

It’s been quite some time since I posted anything. Recently I took a trip back home for break, and shot this rose just after it rained. I loved the color and the shading on the rose, but with a little help from curves I was able to make it pop a bit more.


Winter is Coming

Another shot from Seward, Alaska. It was cold as all hell when I shot this, but the shot was worth it.


The Seward Otter

I came across this otter today in the Port of Seward, Alaska. He was eating what looked like a ball of ice about the size of an egg. I’ll have to admit he was cute and quite playful before he dived under the pier and disappeared. I found him a few minutes later but he was to far away to get another decent shot.


Thor the Curious — #365: 1.6.14


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